The 1-Year Warranty Inspection: Is It Worth It?

The 1-Year Warranty Inspection: Is It Worth It?

Let’s make this simple. Yes. The 1-Year Builders Warranty Home Inspection is worth your time and money. The cost of an inspection is minuscule compared to the cost of the home and any repairs that might be discovered which fall under your warranty — which is basically everything.

Why you need a home inspection on a new home

Many people believe that a new home doesn’t need an inspection — the house is new, they trust their builder, new homes don’t have issues, etc. The fact of the matter is that even a new home can settle into creating issues like cracked stucco, leaks in window insulation, and more. The myths of a new home being perfect are quickly dispelled with an inspection. In fact, we have yet to inspect a new home without finding some issues. The homeowners were happy to have these documented.

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What’s Covered in a 1-Year Builders Warranty

Everything. And more. Whatever your builder agree to build for you is included in your warranty. Most people are worried about the big systems like the roof, plumbing, electrical and air conditioning. We’ll also inspect the grading in the landscaping, garage doors, windows, the attic, and more. In fact, you have the opportunity to add your own list to our report. Whatever dent, ding, or blemish you’ve noticed, add it to your inspection report.

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Defects we typically find

What kind of defects can we find in the builders warranty home inspection? This inspection is a technical inspection. We aren’t looking for hidden defects. We’re looking for problems with this construction. We comb through the entire property, because we know how important it is to you to make sure any small issues today don’t turn into large expenses later on. We’ll typically find issues with stucco cracks, improperly wired circuits or outlets, HVAC vent problems, moisture in the ground, unsealed windows, and the like.

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So, is it worth it?

The best time to get an inspection on a new home is right before the warranty expires. That is typically in the 11th month. Yes, it’s worth it. The small amount you spend on a 1-Year Builder’s Warranty Inspection will bring returns in your peace of mind at the very least, knowing that your home is still in good condition. However, if we find any defects, you’ll have them documented in a professional report, ready to give your builder. That way, if your builder chooses not to make the repairs or fixes, you have it all in writing for any future discussions.

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