New Home Myths: Why You Need a Warranty Inspection

New Home Myths: Why You Need a Warranty Inspection

You built a brand new home. So you might be asking why you need a warranty inspection. The reason is simple: prevention. Prevent something small today from turning into a nightmare later. Prevent the frustration of getting defects fixed before your warranty expires. Prevent a gap in the documentation from creating headaches later when trying to get things fixed. Below are several “myths” we hear from our clients. You might be thinking some of the same things yourself.

Myth #1: I trust my builder.

It’s reasonable to trust your builder. You likely put in some due diligence in choosing a contractor to build your home. But the General Contractor isn’t the one doing the work. There are dozens of subcontractors, or trades, on your new build. And each of them have their own employees. So many hands on the job, that it’s almost likely that some mistakes will be made. Your builder will catch most of them, but some could slip by. Now, there’s also the possibility that, despite your best judgment, you hired the wrong builder, and they cut corners or worse, committed fraud.

Myth #2: The home is new! What could go wrong?

What we’re looking for in the 1-Year Builders Warranty Inspection is construction defects. It’s a technical inspection, where we look for problems with heating and air conditioning, plumbing, landscape grading, and more. Even though a home is brand new, it can still have defects in its construction.

Myth #3: Building a new home avoids issues later on.

That can be true if and when you catch any issues early on, namely in that first year. During that first year, the home is covered by the builder’s warranty. It’s the perfect time to look for any defects that might grow into serious issues over the years. Where do you think those issues on existing homes come from?

Myth #4: The home was already inspected by the city.

Yes, the city will inspect your home as it’s built, in order to ensure that it meets safety codes. That is a much different inspection than a true home inspection. While the city will look at things like electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and the structural integrity of the home during the build, we will look for construction defects that city inspectors don’t even look for. Plus, these inspectors are only at the project for a few minutes. We spend a few hours inspecting your home.

Myth #5: We did an inspection at the closing before we got the keys.

And that’s good. However, many defects will not present themselves right away. It takes the house settling, storms blowing through, and people living in it for some issues to present themselves. That’s why an 11-month (or 1-year) inspection is needed.

Myth #6: The builder says I don’t need an inspection because I have a warranty.

The two are not exclusive. The fact of the matter is, we always find issues when we do a 1-Year Builders Warranty Inspection. Every time. And the real task at hand is documenting anything we find. Fixing the issues under the warranty is between you and your builder. But you definitely want any defects documented, should they turn more serious down the road.

That’s Why You Need a Warranty Inspection

Your home is nearly a year old. It has settled. You’ve lived in it. It has survived a few monsoon storms. And your 1-year builder’s warranty is about to expire. Now is the time to get a professional home inspection, document any issues we find, and add anything you find yourself to our report. Then, you have documented proof should anything turn into a real problem.

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