Homes Trap Moisture

Mold in Arizona Homes: Part 2, Our Homes Trap Moisture

Back in 1974, crude-oil production was cut way back forcing a shortage of oil. Supply and demand kicked in raising the price of oil. At the time “Out of Gas” signs were not uncommon.

Our cars were sucking six to eight miles to the gallon while our home Heating Ventilation Air Condition (HVAC) systems just kept running.

To bring down the cost of the ever growing monthly utility bill, builders started to build homes smarter.

We ended up making our homes so tight that nothing was getting in, or out!

We were trapping moisture in our homes, remember what the three things that were needed to grow mold!

Around 2008, Arizona started to require a tube that runs from the suction part of our HVAC system to outdoor air, sucking about 8% outdoor air to mix into out indoor air.

I’ve inspected homes where the occupant has blocked/plugged the tube because it was killing their electric bill.

With all that said, we still have everyday maintenance issues, like:

  • Leaking roof, water pipes in our Attic
  • Short dryer exhaust pipes that are dump hot moist lint into the Attic or that are leaking and that are dump moist air into out walls
  • Water heaters without drip pans that dampen out drywall
  • Washing machines that drain lines are not connected properly and drip onto our drywall
  • Sinks and faucets that the weekend warrior replaced and did not catch that small drip onto the sink base cabinet floor,
  • Or how about that RO system or the water line we ran through our cabinets and behind the stove to the refrigerator.

Arizona may be considered a dry state, but the homes that reside there are not dry.