Seller Inspections

Not having a pre-listing inspection could…

Cost you thousands of dollars and or the possibility of losing that sale.

Possibility of putting the house back on the market (Another 30 Days of showings), or the possibility lowering your asking price!

Do you Want to Sell Your Home Twice?

Pre-listing Inspection is painless and affordable. In a perfect world we find nothing wrong with your home, we print out our reports, put together a binder to display for the buyers to see, the offer comes in and the deal is done!

News Flash, there is no Perfect house, they all have defects,
there is no avoiding it so Disclose it.

If your home is not the perfect home and a few concerns come up during the Pre Inspection, then you could have them repaired at your convenience and at a price your comfortable with (many contractors will carry to COE) or you could Disclose the problems.

Alati’s Inspection Service will perform a complete Home Inspection to the same standards as a Buyers Inspector, print the Inspection Reports that you can display during the sale of the house. Having a Pre Listing Inspection Report on display in the Home shows the buyer your pride of Ownership. Alati’s Inspection Service is available for Post-Inspection questions and can make changes to the Inspection report to reflect any repairs made.

Disclosure is one of the keys to a successful home sale. Marketing your house with a Pre-Listing Inspection allows you to; making minor repairs, obtaining bids and do the repairs at your convenience, using a licensed contractor or a Handyman, or just making the buyer aware of a problem!

A Real Estate Agent once told me about a customer that didn’t want to spend the money on a pre-listing inspection. The seller told the Real Estate Agent “We have taken care of our home and invested a lot of money into it! The person buying the home may or may-not have the Home Inspected and if they do, their Home Inspector will not find anything wrong with our HOME.”

The buyer’s inspector found the air handler in the attic, rusted and in replacement condition. The buyer requested, Repair by a licensed HVAC Contractor and re-inspection by their Home Inspector. The HVAC Contractor recommended a complete new system for$ 3,250.00, this came out of their pockets at the COE!

Reality is a repair of the old unit was only about $650 and disclose that the repair was made. Now the Realtor has her listing pre-inspected or she has the seller sign a waver.