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Manufactured Home Foundation Certification

Please remember that since 1992 an Engineering Foundation Certification is required if you’re getting a loan on a Manufactured Home.

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Manufactured Home Inspection, or
Manufactured Home Foundation Certification?

If you are in the process of buying a Manufactured Home, part of Alati’s Inspection Service Manufactured Home Inspection, is looking for and reporting on the HUD required Foundation tie-downs. Tie-downs are a requirement for all Manufactured Home Loans.

Typically these issues don’t come to light until a few days before closing. At this point the cost for the inspection, certification and repairs if needed are normally the buyer’s responsibility (you already submitted your request for repairs).

If the home has Foundation tie-downs but is missing the Engineering Certification or is missing the Foundation tie-downs, wouldn’t you like to know this before your 10 day inspection period ends? Also wouldn’t you like the peace of mind knowing the existing condition of the home before you sign on the dotted line?

If you would like to schedule a Manufactured Home Inspection please call (480) 507-2775. If you want to schedule a Manufactured Foundation Certification Inspection click on the “Schedule Certification” button.

Remember that an Engineering Foundation Certification is required if you’re getting a loan on the property. You can request that the seller supply you with a Certification during your 10 day inspection period. If the home is missing foundation tie-downs, we can submit the required forms and photos for the above mentioned fee.


  1. Credit/Debit Card paid to Hayman Engineering for the $435.00 (Billing
    address required) Payment information required before inspection.
  2. Personnel Check, Business Check or Cash to Alati’s Inspection Service
    for applicable Trip fee. Travel fee if applicable is required at or
    before the inspection.

HUD’s “Permanent Foundations Guide for Manufactured Homes” which is a design manual for foundations on manufactured homes. Engineers are required to certify compliance with this manual for existing construction. The practices recommended in the Handbook are not intended to be applied retroactively to existing sites unless the authority in the jurisdiction considers such application essential for safety and health of occupants. Upgrade of existing anchorages and footings shall meet the intent of the definition of permanent foundation stated herein.

The “intent” of the anchorage is to adequately tie the home down during expected wind and seismic events. The “intent” of the footing is to adequately support the weight of the home given soil load bearing conditions and frost depth requirements. It is important to choose an engineer who is very knowledgeable about the PFGMH standards. An engineer who is inexperienced in these standards could wind up costing your borrowers thousands of dollars in unnecessary upgrades.

Alati’s Inspection Service through the engineering firm of Hayman Engineering offers this service. We take the measurements perform the visual Inspection, fill out the required forms and upload the photos to Hayman Engineering who evaluates, calculates and issues the Manufactured Home Foundation Certification or recommend the Upgrade of existing anchorages and footings so that they meet the intent of the definition of permanent foundation stated.