One-Year (11-month) Builders Warranty Home Inspection

Fix it now, before it turns into financial stress!

Eleven months. A year. Three-to-four hours. And a lifetime of peace of mind for your home. That’s what a 1-year builder’s warranty inspection provides. How many times have you had a car or a TV break right after the warranty expires? Don’t you wish an expert could have given those a thorough inspection and let you know what was coming? And, had the manufacturer fix it under warranty?
Alati’s Home Inspection services will do a complete warranty inspection of your home and provide you and your builder with a professional inspection report. That way, you’ve documented any issues we find — or any that you want to add yourself — to the report.
We’re guessing that in your first year in the house, you’ve already discovered a few imperfections that kind of annoy you a bit. Imagine construction defects you can’t see! And how those might grow into real problems, expensive problems, problems that might eat into your equity over the years, or worse. Don’t take a chance.

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Get your home inspected while it’s still under warranty!

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During our inspection, we?ll inspect the following:

  • Yard Grading
  • Stucco Cracks
  • Roof ? Builders do not want people walking the roof so we use a DJI Drone to take 4k Photos
  • Attic
    • Blocked ventilation
    • Missing insulation
    • Cracked or damaged Truss
  • Plumbing
    • Leaks (Thermal Camera)
    • Hot on Left Cold on Right
    • Functional Flow and Drainage
    • Water heater
  • Electrical
    • Main panel
    • ARC Fault Breakers
    • GFCI Breakers
  • Garage
    • Overhead Door, Safety function, outlets Lighting and Fire block
  • Interior
    • Doors, Rubbing, Lock
    • Light & Switches
    • Outlets
    • Wall Insulation (Thermal Camera)
    • Ceiling Insulation (Thermal Camera)
    • Comfort level of all rooms (Does one room feel warmer that another?)
  • HVAC
    • Temperatures reading in all rooms with Thermal Camera
    • Heater and Cold air
  • Kitchen
    • Over the stove exhaust fan flow where it vents
    • Dishwasher, garbage disposal function
    • Outlets
    • Lighting
  • And more

With Alati’s great service, you’ll also get:

Customizable Reports: We offer a Living report that is easily updated at your request. Find something funny in the inspection and want it added? Did we report on something that you do not want in the report? Customize your report.

Post Inspection Questions: Often times, our customers have questions after the inspection. No problem! Just email us! Remember, our goal is your peace of mind and confidence in your home.

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