Property Condition Assessments

Property Condition Assessment

ASTM E-2018

Property Condition Assessment (PCA) for residential or commercial real estate establishes not only a Baseline of the condition of the property of the time of the inspection but can limit the inspection to only areas of concerned to the buyer and can include recommendations and pricing of said recommendations.


For a Residential this is where a PCA is different from a Home Inspection; a home inspector is limitative to disclose what the Home Inspector found during the inspection and a suggestion on where to fine further help. For an example, during the Home Inspection the Home Inspector found that the Flat roof was in need of service. Per the Standards Of Practice (SOP) for Home Inspectors set by Arizona State BTR a Hone Inspection Report must report on the condition of the roof (Needs service) and who to contact to make the recommend service (Roofing contractor), the Home Inspection report would say “Recommend further evaluation and assistance from a Roofing contractor.” PCA Report might read, “2856 square feet of the Foam roof is in need of a sealer coating, ABC Roofing has quoted a price of $1951.48, POC is Joe Smith @ 480 456 -9876.” also recognizes that there are varying levels of PCA and due diligence that can be exercised that are both more and less comprehensive than this guide, and that may be appropriate to meet the objectives of the user.

Home Inspectors must also report on every Item listed in the SOP where a PCA limitation is dictated by the agreement. Example could be an investor buying a Bank owned property; the investor knows from the Realtors listing that there are holes in the drywall and that the Kitchen cabinets are missing there has been damage to the Master bedroom Closet. A Home Inspector would have to report that the Sink is missing, the Faucet is missing, the Garbage Disposal is missing, Plumbing is missing, counters are missing, Backslash is missing, Dishwasher is Missing, Electric Range is missing and that the Over head exhaust vent is missing, report on the Holes in every room where the Drywall is damaged and that the Master Bedroom Closet Doors and Hardware are missing. Where in a PCA could leave out the remove the Kitchen from the Scope of the Inspection lowering the price of the Inspection or the PCA could state Kitchen was Vandalized, ABC Contractors LLC has estimated their cost of restoring the Kitchen is $3741.00, Drywall repairs and Painting $1489.00 see Attached Estimate.

Out of state Home buyer:

Home Inspection will differently tell you that the portions of the home are in need of further evaluation a PCA will place a price on what the those repairs will run, give you a contact number of the trade who is giving you the estimate, takes the Guess work out of the question “What is it really going to Cost?” A PCA could include combining the HVAC, Plumbing and or the Electrical contractor service into the Inspection and more so how much is it going to cost! Is it smarter to replace the flooring verse cleaning the Carpet (is the carpet worth cleaning?). The PCA takes the guess work out of the picture and gives you the power of Knowledge.


Multi Family of 5 Units or More, Where house, Office space, Storage unit, Gas Station, Retail Store, Office Condo Restaurant and Bars. Is the property in ADA Compliance.
Users should consider their requirements, the purpose that the PCA is to serve, and their risk tolerance level before selecting the consultant and the level of due diligence to be exercised by the consultant. The user should also review or establish the qualifications, or both, of the proposed field observer and PCR reviewer prior to engagement. A PCR should identify any deviations or exceptions to this guide. Furthermore, no implication is intended that use of this guide be required in order to have conducted a property condition assessment in a commercially prudent and reasonable manner. Nevertheless, this guide is intended to reflect a reasonable approach for the preparation of a baseline PCA.

Property Condition Assessments

Architectural and engineering (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire/life safety) evaluations of existing building systems and site improvements to assess their physical condition, general code compliance, capacities/adequacies, repair and maintenance issues, recommended replacements, capital expenditures, and opinions of probable costs for corrective action.

Structural and Seismic Assessments

Assessments of structural soundness of vertical- and lateral-load-resisting systems and/or of potential seismic performance and probable maximum loss (PML).

Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance

Evaluations of as-built conditions to identify potential architectural barriers as stipulated by Title III design criteria of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Federal Fair Housing Act (FHAA) design guidelines, and other state disabled-access regulations.

Public Records Review

Review of available, accessible public records at Building, Planning, and Fire department offices, obtaining copies of significant project documents and reporting outstanding or unresolved issues relative to the subject property.

Construction Observation Services

Observation of, and reporting on, construction-related activities during design and construction phases. Activities typically include third-party peer review of design/construction documentation, monthly review of construction progress and financial draw requests, and final punch list walk-throughs and wrap-up reports.

Indoor Air Quality Assessments

Condition and operations review of mechanical systems, ventilation effectiveness, filtration efficiency, outside air quantity and sources, HVAC system control, and maintenance practices. Also incorporated is PCA’s opinion of general compliance with the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) standards and guidelines. Review may also include specific air quality sampling.