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Mold in Arizona Homes: Part 6, But I Can’t See or Smell It

You may think that If you can’t see or smell mold it’s is not a problem – Wrong

Mold can grow very well in complete isolation, inside wall cavities, between floors and ceilings, in attics. Not only can you not see hidden mold, if it’s cut off from the flow of air that you’re breathing, you’re unlikely to smell it, unless you’re a Mold DogTM like the ones used by 1-800-GOT-MOLD?.

But mold has a nasty habit of producing chemicals that can penetrate walls and get into your lungs anyway. These chemicals are of two types: microbial volatile organic compounds (MVOCs), and mycotoxins (poisons produced by fungi). These chemicals can make some people very sick, and they rarely know what hit them.

And then there’s the unavoidable fact that indoor mold growth is a symptom of excess moisture, and excess moisture will eventually wreck your home.

Bottom line

If someone is chronically ill in your house, and especially if they feel better when they’re away than when they’re home, a professional mold inspection is needed.